18 December 2011

White Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are the easiest sweets to make - the only cooking is melting chocolate, and they keep for a few weeks in the fridge. They're perfect for gifts, and you get to lick the bowl after rolling them out! This recipe is easily adaptable - I make different variants every year. This year I went tropical, with a mix of coconut, candied ginger and candied pineapple. Another family favourite is with flecks of finely grated lemon rind, coconut and a dash of Malibu liqueur.

  • 250g White chocolate
  • 60ml cream
  • dash liqueur/flavouring (I used Limoncello)
  • 1 cup finely textured ingredient (In my case, 1/4 cup mixed chopped candied ginger and pineapple, and 3/4 cup dessicated coconut)
  1. Melt chocolate and cream, then stir in other ingredients (only half cup of the textured ingredient).
  2. Chill mix, then take out and put teaspoon-sized lumps on a tray with baking paper and refrigerate for another ½ hour.
  3. Then remove, roll into balls and coat with remaining powder. 
Package them beautifully and give them to friends, and don't tell your husband there are leftovers in the fridge...

Submitted for Very Good Recipes "White Christmas Challenge"


  1. This is really cute! The truffles must be very moist! The ones I make are quite complicated with processing cake crumbs, adding jam, and melted butter.
    Have to try these! :)
    Merry christmas!

  2. Beautiful! I have never had white chocolate truffles, but they sound amazing. I love that you add other things to them, like the ginger, pineapple and coconut(which sounds like a delicious combo, by the way) I'm very curious to try this to try for myself, and they sound like they make great gifts!

  3. Regal truffles! I love the pure white color. How pretty they will look on my red and green liners. A few trimmings on a Christmas platter, little ribbons here and there, these will be a highlight on every Christmas table...

  4. lovely pic and a must try recipe. what brand of white chocolate did u use and where can i get it. I liked the licking the bowl part!!!

  5. Rhanks Salma! I've tried with several brands. This time I used an "easy melt" 200g pack from Spinneys

  6. How to you roll them so perfectly Sarah? Mine turn out looking like oversized pebbles!

  7. ha ha miss stovetop! I only photograph the pretty ones! But some tips - make sure the mix is nice and hard, and roll with your palms - they have more warmth in them, and will smooth the surface.


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