17 January 2011

Renewed Croissants

As my first lazy post, I would like to talk about my favourite pastry treats from the Boulangerie. We have escaped the Dubai heat during summer for the last few years by going to a cottage in the French provincial countryside so we can eat the real thing (I know, it's a bloody expensive bit of pastry). We travel with a couple of Melbournites who love their pastry a little too much, and when they arrive at the boulangerie, their stomachs take over their mouths, and instead of asking for "seess cwahsons" (6), they ask for "sayz cwahsons" (16). Result? Ploo cwahsons kay nessessaire. (more croissants than necessary).

Croissants have this habit of petrifying overnight, and there is nothing to be done about this - they are basically made of butter and air, with a little flour thrown in, and oxidation and time are not a croissant's best friends. 

  • 10 x 1 day-old croissants
  • Condiments
  1. Stop Jimny and Lou-lou from going back to the boulangerie. This may involve ropes and a dungeon.
  2. Brush croissants with milk, concentrating on the rocky ends. Top and bottom
  3. Place in a warm oven (that's a medium-low temp - eg 150ºC) for about ten minutes
Serve in a gorgeous basket lined with linen purchased from provincial markets the day before. Present with chipped china and jars of jam and nuttela with the labels removed and antique silver spoons thrust in the top. Très français!

PS. They re-petrify in half the time of the previous day, so eat quickly, and discard any leftovers - the miracle cannot be repeated.

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